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Study finds way of reducing medication errors

Any time a mistake happens in a hospital, the consequences could be fatal. As such, it is crucial for hospitals to thoroughly examine any potential solutions that could minimize errors and save patient lives. 

One such solution that hospitals across Albuquerque and the rest of the U.S. may be considering is having a pharmacy professional take medication histories in the Emergency Room. Currently, doctors or nurses usually do this. However, a study revealed that having a pharmacy staff member fulfill this role could lead to a whopping 80 percent drop in medication errors.

FMCSA to examine excessive commuting in the trucking industry

Commuting to work can be a headache for anyone, between the boredom, traffic and the time away from family. Additionally, excessive commuting could present particularly troubling fatigue-related problems for people who work as drivers in the trucking and transportation industries.

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a survey to assess how many drivers routinely commute for more than 150 minutes for their job, calling it "excessive commuting."

5 reasons for car accidents that are hard to avoid

Some car accident causes, like speeding or distracted driving, are relatively easy for anyone to avoid. It's just a conscious choice. However, plenty of accidents in New Mexico have external causes that can seem all but impossible to avoid.


How to establish a medical malpractice case

When someone suffers horrible pain because of a botched medical procedure, it seems obvious that it would be considered "medical malpractice." Similarly, if you are misdiagnosed by a doctor or you are neglected while in a hospital -- thus leading to serious medical complications and issues -- you would think this would be considered "medical malpractice." In many cases, these are proven to be so.

But there are times where medical malpractice can't be proven, and this can be an upsetting realization. Medical malpractice must be established and proven. So what do you need to do as a victim of medical malpractice to do this?

Are there alternatives to litigating business disputes?

Any party who is involved in a legal dispute can find that it is more complicated and frustrating than they may have expected. Business owners, landlords and employees can all be unsure of how they will be able to resolve their dispute and find some closure.

Many people assume that having a contentious, public courtroom battle is their only option, whether they want that or not. However, there are alternatives to litigation that may be worth examining if you are involved in a business or employment dispute.

How New Mexico is doubling down on distracted driving

When you're behind the wheel, doing any activity that takes your concentration away from your primary task of driving constitutes distracted driving. Such activities can include driving while shaving, fixing your hair or tending to a pet or child.

The most common type of distracted driving--texting--is especially dangerous because it combines the three components that define distracted driving:

Understanding the 3 factors of medical malpractice

We have all heard the stories: A woman suffers from some sort of medical ailment. She seeks out treatment and ends up worse off. Was this due to mistake on the part of her doctors? Or is her condition running its natural course and the doctors could not have done anything to prevent this?

Questions such as this are often at the heart of a medical malpractice lawsuit. In this post, we will focus on the three factors that must be present in every medical malpractice case.

Elements of an accident investigation

Whether an injury case goes to a jury or whether it is settled out of court, success is determined by the evidence secured during investigation and reconstruction of the accident.

A proper investigation -- by police, by insurance companies, by attorneys -- is mindful of the importance of this evidence, and approaches the evidence with this attitude foremost in mind.

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